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Incredible Career Day Speaker!

Steve Cherubino, computer music teacher, lead singer & guitarist of the Area 52 Band & Founder of DAWJunkie, visited the 4th – 8th graders to share his belief that everyone has an artist inside of them. He showed the kids the basics of how to use technology in music composition & they loved it!    […]

Gardening in the backyard!

The garden beds were built and the kids planted seeds galore! To start the process, the vertical tower was used for the freshly-planted seeds so they can germinate without being uprooted by our adorable squirrels. After the plants sprout, the kids will move them over to the garden beds to continue to grow.    Here are […]

Fun with Science

Ms. Janine’s 2nd/3rd grade class enjoyed a science lesson on the solar system today where one of the students was the sun and his classmates were the planets that orbited around him.

Clearwater Police Department visits the students of CLC Academy!

The Clearwater Police Department’s incredible K-9 Unit visited the students on Tuesday morning! They spoke to the kids about the experience, education and special training it takes to become a police officer and a dog handler. The officers shared that their brave pups typically work for six to seven years, helping their handler fight crime […]