Drama Club Performance Practice

Ms. Rose & the Drama Club have been working hard on their upcoming comedic play, “Order Up!” The play is scheduled for the end of April. Ms. Rose takes one group at a time to rehearse their lines while coaching her students on stage presence, voice projection, how to portray a character and more! These guys are incredible […]

Car Donation to CLC Academy!

This morning, VP of Expansion, Kristen Harper, donated her Toyota Camry to Harold Beach of Harold’s Car Donation Service, Inc! He’s going to fix it, sell it and donate the proceeds to CLC Academy to flow toward a bigger building for our school.

Weedon Island Field Trip

Ms. Christina and the 7th/8th graders enjoyed an educational field trip to Weedon Island Preserve, a 3,000+ acre natural area located in North St. Petersburg. This coastal system is home to countless species of native plants and animals and an educational facility. The students learned about the rich cultural history and how indigenous peoples occupied […]

New play kitchen in lower school!

The younger students were thrilled when they arrived to school this morning, as Ms. Celsey had ordered a new play kitchen with accessories and several fun, educational toys for the students! Ms. Celsey stayed until 7:30 last night building this amazing kitchen.

Our staff is fully trained!

Check out what our incredible Executive Director, Jen Nickerson, has been up to during the holiday break! Congrats on becoming our fully-hatted Rock Star!!!

CLC’s 2023 Holiday Video (click to play)

As we reflect on 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our students, parents, staff, and the community for your unwavering support and commitment. Your collaboration and dedication have shaped an enriching and successful year, filled with learning, growth, and memorable moments. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to celebrating […]