About CLC Academy

We focus on individual results
Our goal is for each student to succeed.

CLC Academy was founded with the purpose of offering quality, private school education that is affordable.  

We offer the following for your child:

*Small class sizes – Your child will receive the one-on-one assistance that they need to ensure that they understand what they are studying.

*Phonics based reading – Our reading program gets proven results.  Studies show that phonics is the most effective method of teaching reading.  

*Focus on mastery of skills – We make sure that your child understands the material before we move to the next skill.  Our program is proficiency-based and this ensures that your child is really learning, not just moving through the material.

*Scholarships Available – Step Up for Students scholarship covers 100% of our tuition.  We also accept the McKay , Family Empowerment and Hope scholarships.  

*After school care – We offer after-school activities, including Homework Help until 5:15 pm

*Customized Academic Programs – We know that no two students are alike and that they have individual needs.  If your child is behind in particular areas, his program will focus on bringing him up to grade level in those areas.

*Limited Homework – We know that tons of homework can be frustrating for you and your child.  Most schoolwork is done in class with a limited amount of homework sent home each night.

Welcome to CLC Academy!  As an educator in the classroom for many years, I have a strong purpose to see that students succeed.

I want to help students of all ages understand their world and become contributing members of their communities and beyond.   I believe that this starts early with an ability to read, write and do basic math.

CLC Academy emphasizes mastering these skills and insists that students understand what they are studying – not just passing them through the school year with more and more confusions building up.

At the core of this are phonics-based reading programs and direct teaching methods.  Phonics is a proven method of getting students to read according to The National Research Panel.  Direct teaching means more one-on-one assistance when your child needs it.

I invite you to take a look at our classrooms and for your child to have a free visiting day!

Jen Nickerson, Executive Director
Jen Nickerson CLC Executive Director
Jen Nickerson, Executive Director