Fun with Science

Ms. Janine’s 2nd/3rd grade class enjoyed a science lesson on the solar system today where one of the students was the sun and his classmates were the planets that orbited around him.

Thank you to the fabulous Parent-Teacher Organization!

Thanks to the PTO for showing the teachers and staff so much Valentine’s Day LOVE! Everyone is enjoying the Valentine’s basket filled with goodies, the delicious coffee and the cutest little V-Day donuts we’ve ever seen! We all feel the love! The kids are also going to love the fun prizes the PTO purchased for […]

Cube Art Project

Ms. Rose has really outdone herself this time! All students and staff who were interested in drawing a cube were able to participate in this art project. It is mounted on the wall next to the Success Story board, for anyone who would like to see it up close. What a creative masterpiece!