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Our staff is fully trained!

Check out what our incredible Executive Director, Jen Nickerson, has been up to during the holiday break! Congrats on becoming our fully-hatted Rock Star!!!

Meet our new PE Coach, Mr. Jeff!

Jeff is a Professional Tutor here at CLC and he’s been doing a fantastic job teaching his students who range in age from elementary to adult. He is smart, kind and very patient. He’s also a sports fanatic! Jeff is joining our CLC Academy team this fall and will be running weekly PE classes for […]

Welcome to the CLC Team!

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest teacher, Mr. Robert! Robert is friendly, caring, has a great sense of humor and has extensive experience in the field of education.   The following is a list of his accomplishments so far:   2.5 years of Professional Tutoring in a community center in Los Angeles […]

Happy Anniversary, Ms. Christina!

Happy Work Anniversary to our adorable Ms. Christina! You’re an amazing teacher and you’ve accomplished so much with your middle-school students over the last two years. We look forward to seeing what’s ahead and we appreciate you! 

Read Across America – March 2, 2023

The Read Across America event was a huge success! Ms. Rose pulled off a fun-filled show with several of our students and staff taking turns reading entertaining short stories and poems and doing plays to honor the great Dr. Seuss.   The kids had fun dressing as their favorite Dr. Seuss characters! The raffle drawing was done for the […]

10 Reasons why Students Don't Like School.

It’s boring My class is too hard I don’t like the teacher (teacher is mean) I’m not good at ________ (subject) I can’t concentrate in class Homework I never do good on exams, no matter how hard I try I get in trouble for talking in class I don’t like getting up early I’m interested in […]