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Grammar Student Success!

“Grammar is one of my favorite subjects. I like it because it explains what to do very well. It has and will help me write better. I hope that the next Grammar and Punctuation (book) is just as fun as this one. I especially like the punctuation part, but the whole thing was fun. It […]

“I love reading!”

STUDENT SUCCESS!   “Now, because of this school, I love reading! Before, I thought that reading was just okay and now it’s my favorite subject. It helped me learn and introduced me to many fun books. I love reading and I don’t see how some people don’t. Reading is very fun, and I’ll definitely be […]

Success from a Happy Guardian!

“A big thank you to CLCA – Community Learning Center Academy – for helping our J. catch up many years in school. He had his first day of high school today and loved it! He is so well prepared. CLCA has made his life, swept away the bleak future and replaced it with a bright […]

Kindergarten Student Success

“I really like this school. It’s so fun to me! I’m learning how to read. I’m learning lots of numbers. I really like art with Ms. Rose. I really like Twins Day. It’s so fun because I get to dress like my favorite friend in class. We got everything matching.” – C. (CLC Academy student) 

Student Success!

“I like aftercare! I think Mr. Kayden is really funny and I like playing with my friends, too. I like reading! I think Ms. Karen is a good teacher and she’s really nice. I like reading books about animals and nature. I like that my mom works here because I love her. I like Ms. […]

2nd Grade Success!

“I like school. It’s really fun. I work a lot. I like the teachers, especially Ms. Karen, because they help me a lot. My favorite subject to work on is math. I like to multiply, plus, minus – all kinds of stuff.” – K. (2nd grade student)

Gaining more knowledge

“I’ve been enjoying this school ever since I first got here. I’ve been doing math, reading, grammar, punctuation, science and writing. I’ve made friends here, too. There are even some new students I’ve made friends with. Ms. Roz (teacher) has been helping me and I’ve been gaining more knowledge. My favorite subjects to do here […]

Excellent academic progress!

“I am able to read faster now and I have great friends. I am getting smarter because I can do division, but only small questions. I am glad I came to this school.” -E. (5th grade student) *E. tested approx. 2 grade levels higher in word reading, spelling and comprehension and 1.5 grade levels higher […]