Step Up for Students
School Choice

School choice has become a hot topic in the education debate in recent years, with many parents and education experts arguing for the benefits of allowing students to choose the school they attend. School choice is the idea that students should have the opportunity to attend the school that best meets their individual needs, rather […]

Grammar Student Success!

“Grammar is one of my favorite subjects. I like it because it explains what to do very well. It has and will help me write better. I hope that the next Grammar and Punctuation (book) is just as fun as this one. I especially like the punctuation part, but the whole thing was fun. It […]

Learning to Draw

Ms. Angel taught the kids how to draw horses today by starting with basic shapes. Mastering simple shapes unlocks the skills needed to draw well and improve perception. The kids will finish these beauties in the next art class.

Drama Club

The Drama Club, under the direction of the fabulous Ms. Rose, has been working hard, memorizing their lines and rehearsing regularly for their upcoming hysterical play, Complaint Department and Lemonade.