Here’s What We Are Doing to Keep Our Staff & Students Safe


Cleaning and Sanitizing

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our building under normal circumstances.  Additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been implemented as follows:

  • routine sanitizing and cleaning of common areas throughout the day
  • routine sanitizing of high-traffic, high-touch surfaces
  • classroom tables and chairs are disinfected throughout the day
  • classroom tables and chairs are disinfected after school and again when the building is closed for the day
  • entire building is cleaned and sanitized each night, including wiping down all surfaces in every room and fogging with a military-grade disinfectant, Decon 7


Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

  • Drop off will be done in the driveway each morning. At this time, we are minimizing the number of persons in the building. 
  • Every child will have his/her temperature taken each morning and any child showing any signs of illness or who has recently been around someone who is ill will not be allowed at school.
  • A child may be dismissed from CLC Academy if a parent knowingly brings an ill child to school.
  • When parents pick up their child at the end of the school day, they are asked to call the front office and a staff member will bring the child out to the front of the building.


Classroom Set Up/Groups

  • Students will be seated to maximize the distance between seats.
  • Class sizes will be minimized to the degree possible and students will remain with their group throughout the day. Our class sizes remain much smaller than traditional public school classes.
  • Students are expected to socially distance.
  • Sharing of materials and supplies will be minimized.
  • Each student is expected to have his/her own supply of pencils, crayons, etc. to minimize sharing.
  • Lunches and breaks will be outdoors, weather permitting.


Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing

  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.


Masks or Face Shields Required

  • All CLC Academy staff and classroom teachers must wear masks or face shields.
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade students are not expected to wear masks or face shields unless requested by the parents.
  • Masks or face shields will be required for students in 2nd Grade and above. Breaks will be given with regularity to ensure that students remain as comfortable as possible.
  • Masks will never be required when students are outdoors.
  • If a child is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, a note must be provided from a medical doctor recommending that the child not wear a mask. We will request that the child wear a face shield.