As adults, we often push our children (and students) in an effort to assist them to attain what we know to be their full potential. 

We tell them that they “must” know/learn/achieve certain things in order to be able to be successful in the grown-up world.  This advice often falls upon deaf ears.

Very often we grown-ups overlook a simple fact: an individual (no matter how old or young) must have their own purpose for knowing, learning and achieving something in order for it to be truly valuable and useful to them.  It isn’t enough to be told a reason that they ought to have, such as a graduation requirement­, they need to find their own reason, one that is in alignment with their personal goals and interests, in order for it to be purposeful for them.   

Purpose is a prime motivational tool and driving force for any individual–even children. When you find someone who is chronically apathetic, lazy or disinterested about learning something, help them to find their purpose.  How will knowing this thing be useful to them as an individual and assist them in their goals and aspirations? 

It’s not always an easy task, but it does serve a larger purpose.

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