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CLC Academics

The full scholarship covers 100% of our tuition!

We teach Kindergarten through 6th grade.

CLC Academics why all the trouble in school?

Even good kids struggle in school sometimes. We help students overcome their learning difficulties and succeed in school.

Enroll your kids in our private school through the Step Up for Students scholarship program.

To maintain small class sizes, spaces are limited.
Call now to reserve your spot.

CLC Academy

(727) 441-4444

I like my teachers and this school!

"When I first came here I was at a 1st grade level. I got tutoring and started at CLC Academy and now I'm at a 4th grade level. My favorite subject is math. I also like reading, history and geography. I like watching things about NASA. I finished two math books!"

"I like my teachers and this school! I like doing math and reading on the white boards. I also like drawing!"
A.T. (CLC Academy student)

What YOU will get:

A happy child

We ensure that your child is working on academics at the appropriate level and understands the materials.

Excellent curriculum

Students excel when they are able to understand and apply the materials they are studying. Our curriculum is designed to enable effective learning.

Limited homework

Because your child will understand the materials, there is a limited amount of homework needed.

Recess, art, voice lessons and more

We all like taking breaks and doing something fun. Kids also need that.

Small class sizes

Keeping our class sizes small, means that your child will get more one‑on‑one help.


Aftercare is available until 5:15pm. The cost is only $85 for the entire month.

Children Reading

Contact us for more information about our programs:

Community Learning Center Academy
1411 N. Fort Harrison Ave., Clearwater, FL
CALL (727) 441-4444